• Smart AMR System

We offer a range of GSM/GPRS based devices for data collection in automatic meter reading (AMR) applications for consumers at all voltage levels. Our modems devices are available in terminal-powered and self-powered versions, and support GSM, GPRS and SMS communications.

GPRS based, always available

It uses a GPRS enabled SIM card for data transmission. Live data can be monitored on your control room PC/Laptop through a web browser or even on your cell phone. This is a smart and intelligent way of web based online energy monitoring. We can also see live online energy trends on this web based interface.

Web Based Monitoring

All the energy/electricity/power parameters can be monitored through a web browser in real time online. You can also set alerts for Hi/Low values of voltage, current, PF. The online web based electrical energy monitoring helps us in many ways to monitor, control and save the electrical energy. This web based online solution is the need of hour and industry. An efficient & cost effective energy and power management online & web based solution.

Data Storage & Report Generation

The data is stored on a central server for analysis & reports generation, and can be accessed easily via an online web based portal. The system will collect information on the overall usage, average and more details.