• Smart Guard 24X7

Smart Guard is a wireless GSM based security device, geared towards the safety of your home and business.

GSM based solution

Simple onboarding to give you a seamless installation. Even a novice can connect and install the Smart Guard in less than 10 minutes. The Android app allows users to configure emergency numbers, takes the user through sensor installation and provides a clean interface to view recent activity of the Hub while keeping you and your loved ones safe from security breaches.

High Decibel Siren

When any intruder tries to tamper (open) the Home-door/Shop-Shutter for just an inch then immediately our Smart Guard Security Device starts executing its function which causes instant hooter play at the spot at high amplitude (120dB) and then instantly call and SMS goes to the four pre configured mobile numbers respectively. Hub and hooter can be armed when you are leaving your home or office so that the surroundings are safe when you are not around.

Register multiple numbers, keep informed

The Device will keep on calling on all the four numbers stored one by one till any one number picks the phone to acknowledge that he has got the message for emergency situation. They may then call the police or reach the spot where the intrusion has taken place. Door/ Shutter Sensor can be locked and unlock from remote button or by an SMS. Smart Guard device allows you to raise a silent alarm which will send out a message to registered contacts alerting them of a security breach. 

Range of applicable sensors

The Smart Guard helps keep track of different areas of your residence or commercial space/office. Sensors can be connected to doors and windows and to track gas leaks and smoke. Sensors connect wirelessly with the Hub and can be armed or unarmed from the app. Smart Guard app allows users to pair the sensors with the Hub and click custom pictures from your Smartphone to associate with individual sensors. In case of an intrusion, the Hub will send you and registered numbers with a custom message on nature of break-in or emergency.

Heavy Duty Power Backup

The Smart Guard lives up to its potential even in the situation of a power cut. It keeps your home or office secure with a power backup of more than 24 hours. This differentiates it from other products in the market which do not offer this facility.

Additional Sensors

Additional sensors can be configured on this device – Motion sensor, LPG leakage sensor, smoke and fire sensor etc. Expand the range of your Smart Guard Hub by adding these sensors to suit the needs of your home or office. Ease of pairing sensors and easy to install interface will secure you and your loved ones from security breaches.