• Smart Kisan

A smarter way for Farmers around the nation to control their irrigation needs through widely accessible technology such as GSM networks. The Smart Kisan system enables everyday farmers to send SMS messages and control their field-deployed motors from wherever they may be, greatly freeing up their available time and resources.

Remote control over large distances

Manage and monitor the status of a number of motors across large physical distances through the empowerment of GSM technology that’s widely accessible and always available. All the motors need is a SMS capable GSM chip that’s easily available.

Adverse condition reporting

The Smart Kisan system is designed to send SMS messages reporting on the status of the motor across a wide range of adverse conditions, and can be configured to automatically stop the motor to prevent unnecessary resource losses.

Widely compatible

The Smart Kisan system is compatible with a broad range of Motor Starters that already exist in the market. Adopting the Smart Kisan system is a simple process which requires minimal user involvement, and is mostly automated. This enables farmers all over the nation to immediately use the Smart Kisan system without incurring additional ‘upgrade’ costs.