Security and Safety of Real Estate Society

Security and Saftey of Real Estate Society

Security and Saftey of Real Estate Society
IoT based real time Smart Digital Water Flow Meter with Telemetry for Groundwater extraction monitoring as per CGWA notification with 4G GSM Based Automatic Controller
When any intruder tries to tamper (open) the main door of the flat for just an inch ( if door sensor is activate) then immediately or Panic Button pressed, our Smart Guard Security Device starts executing its function which causes instant siren play at the Controller, installed at shaft at high amplitude (110dB), also Control Room Screen will display the sensor details with Tower No, Flat No and Floor, Cloud an also make call and send SMS at four pre-configured mobile numbers respectively, Door Sensor can be activate and deactivated through Android app, Panic button are always arm (active) .
The Smart Guard is also a very useful device for asking for help, while any unexpected incident is happening or someone is in emergency situation also called a Panic Button.
A part of functionality of GSM Smart Guard 24X7 to send SMS and Calling ,We can make a control room in security room at housing society , where the Alarm/Hooter amplitude (118dB) keeps ringing with LED indication on the Screen when door sensor tampered or panic button pressed form any flats.