About Us

HBeonLabs had its humble beginnings in 2007, when founder Bikramjeet Waraich setup a small shop in Greater Noida. Through his leadership, HBeonLabs has matured into a leading organization in the domain of Embedded Research and Manufacturing. Over the past decade, HBeonLabs has garnered impressive response from local and global firms looking for R&D and manufacturing support.

HBeonLabs was incorporated with the intent of bringing quality technology and processes to the embedded domain. In the recent years, the organization has grown in size with the support of the strong leadership team under Bikramjeet Singh. HBeonLabs now is a leader in training professionals and organizations in the art of Embedded technologies and solutions. Keeping in tune with global tides, HBeonLabs has ventured into the IoT domain and keeps a tab on technologies coming out from platforms like Arduino and Raspberry Pi along with the latest in global hardware solutions.


  • Strong team under the able leadership of industry veterans
  • In-depth domain knowledge derived through extensive research over the past decade
  • Well defined process and knowledge base leading to efficient and stable releases
  • Quality content for training professionals created through years of experience
  • Cutting edge products in Embedded and IoT, possible through the team, focus and dedication

Mission & Vision


Giving back to the society that has nurtured and held us in place is a primary focus for everyone involved in HBeonLabs. We work collectively to bring technology closer to people everyday.


At HBeonLabs, the customer’s satisfaction and happiness in using the solutions we offer is paramount, and we focus all of our efforts accordingly. No customer is too small, and we strive to maintain a standard of excellence when dealing with our customers.


The cornerstone of our company,our Employees for the family of HBeonLabs. We are proud of the team that is HBeonLabs – one that constantly strives to exceed expectations, and maximize technology for everyone’s benefit on a daily basis.


The starting points of everything HBeonLabs, our investors are our key stakeholders, and the main reason we are able to add value to our consumers and our societies alike. We recognize our investors and strive to ensure returns beyond expectations.

Our team is a group of passionate people who are involved daily in changing the world one embedded solution at a time