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HBeonLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Embedded Hardware and Software Design and Manufacturing Company based out of Greater Noida, Delhi NCR and also Known as reliable manufacturer and suppliers, an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified Company, established in the year 2008, is engaged in offering a qualitative array of customized Embedded and IoT Products. We have built strong expertise in the domains of Wireless & Wired IoT Devices, Medical Electronics, Industrial Automation, and Defense Electronics & Consumer Electronics. HBeonlabs consistently goes beyond its clients’ expectations by clubbing together technology, talent, innovation and the highest quality standards.
We’ve been putting our in-depth grasp about latest technologies and processes in creating outstanding products for our customers since 2008     
We Provide Wide range of Safety and Security Solution, with customized solution and cloud based application for any type of reporting system as per there requirement & Budget. HBeonLabs Technologies Pvt.Ltd offers a wide range of services emphasizing on reliable, secure, innovative and fast delivery methods.

As we are committed to excellence, quality is the hallmark of our product development process. In addition to this we also ensure that the services/products are delivered on-time. With our experience in the best of embedded system technologies we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with our services. We offer new development, migration / re- engineering / reverse engineering services to help you take advantage of the newer hardware and software platforms and augment product life spans. HBeonLabs offer product development service that includes design, development and implementation of both software and electronics with packaging and end-to-end commercialization support at every stage.

Area of Expertise

Software Expertise

Firmware, Device driver, and Application software development for various hardware platforms

Hardware Expertise

Embedded Hardware design, PCB design, manufacturing, and testing

Embedded Domain Expertise

Communications (Wireless/Wired), Automation (Medical & Healthcare / Industrial), Electronics (Consumer, Defense & Automotive)

Our Leadership

HBeonLabs Technologies Pvt. Ltd, started in 2008 by a team of young, devoted developers and experts in the various technologies, programming languages and techniques and with the vision of providing the best quality products and solutions for customers globally.

Our Management team has experts in various fields in Embedded System and VLSI Design.

Bikramjeet Waraich  (Founder & CEO)

Bikramjeet Singh is Founder & CEO of an Embedded and IoT (Internet of Things) Product Development Company typically involves working on the design, development, and implementation of hardware and software solutions for devices and systems that are part of the IoT ecosystem. Here’s an overview of where Bikramjeet Singh involve:

1. Hardware Design: Managing and Engineers and developers in the physical components of IoT devices. This includes selecting and configuring microcontrollers or microprocessors, sensors, communication modules (e.g., Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LoRa), and power management circuits.
2. Firmware Development: Handling and Developing the embedded software, or firmware, that runs on IoT devices is a crucial aspect of the job. This involves writing code to control and manage hardware components, handle data acquisition from sensors, and establish communication with other devices or the cloud.
3. IoT Protocols: Proficiency in various IoT communication protocols, such as MQTT, CoAP, and HTTP, is essential for enabling devices to send and receive data over the internet or local networks.
4. Sensor Integration: IoT devices often rely on a variety of sensors (e.g., temperature, humidity, motion) to collect data. Integration of these sensors into the hardware and calibration is a common task.
5. Connectivity: Ensuring reliable connectivity is a key challenge in IoT product development. Professionals in this profile work on implementing secure and efficient communication methods between devices and cloud platforms.

6. Cloud Integration: IoT devices typically send data to cloud platforms for storage, analysis, and control. Understanding cloud services (e.g., AWS IoT, Azure IoT, Google Cloud IoT) and integrating devices with these platforms is crucial.
7. Security: IoT security is paramount due to the potential vulnerabilities of connected devices. Experts in this profile focus on implementing encryption, authentication, and access control mechanisms to protect data and devices.
8. Power Efficiency: IoT devices are often battery-powered or have limited power sources. Optimizing power consumption is essential to prolong device lifespan. This may involve low-power hardware and software design.
9. Data Analytics: Handle professionals in this field work on data analysis and visualization to derive insights from the vast amount of data generated by IoT devices.
10. Regulatory Compliance: Depending on the industry and geographic location, IoT products may need to adhere to specific regulatory standards, such as FCC or CE certifications.
12. Project Management: Managing IoT product development projects involves coordinating multidisciplinary teams, setting milestones, and ensuring timely delivery.
13. Industry Verticals: IoT is applied in various sectors, including healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, industrial automation, and consumer electronics. Bikramjeet Singh is Professional in this field and specialize in a particular industry vertical.

In summary, Bikramjeet Singh involves in Embedded and IoT Product Development with wide range of skills and responsibilities, from designing hardware and firmware to managing data, security, and connectivity aspects in IoT devices and systems. It’s a multidisciplinary field that requires continuous learning and adaptability due to the dynamic nature of IoT technology.




Company Ideology


We aspire to see HBeonlabs as a generation-next services provider that offers all kinds of transformational and innovative embedded and semiconductor solutions to the world’s best companies, apart from leading innovation-driven inventions. We want to build a company that clients and customers think of whenever they are faced with unprecedented industry-related problems. We desire not just to be different but to be the worthy best.


To create a much more innovative, productive and resourceful HBEONLABS so that we can bring the best technologies at your helm and make your life easier and the world a better place to live in. Being a solution-oriented ESDM innovator is what we strive to be.
Along with that we want to make an ecological, eternal and autonomous organization which serves the society, its customers, its peoples and investors for the betterment of mankind. Following is the role of each organ in it: –
This is what we call the law of co-existence of nature. This is well proven by nature for generations from where we have adapted this model to make our organization eternal

Values and Virtues

We are a strong contingent of high caliber and dedicated professionals who work with utmost care to meet the requirements of our clients in time. We never compromise with the quality of services we deliver. We are a close-knit team which works relentlessly to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional services. We abide by ethical manoeuvres while working on our diverse projects. This sturdy foundation fosters teamwork that enables us to serve our customers and partners with zeal and zest. We take complete accountability for our work and keep our approach flexible and collaborative..

Our Products


We redefine Student Security System for parents and schools. In this system, we includes attendance management and transport management primarily. in attendance system , parents get SMS school in time and out-time of their children as well parents have online control panel to view daily, weekly or monthly reports etc. In transport system, parents get sms about bus has started from school as well two stoppages before destination. So using Student Security System, a proper communication is established between Parents and Schools. Technically, we use A GSM, GPRS,RFID, Wi-Fi for making Student Security System.
Student Security System (Touch and Go) – Parents get an instant Present Message the moment student touches the device with their RFID Smart card. Similar message will be sent when the student leaves the school premises. The model is Plug and plays system and don’t need LAN connection, computer, etc.

Student Security System (Walk Through) – The moment student walks through the communicator gate, attendance will be marked and automatic SMS will be generated and sent to parents.
Web Interface – In our effort to provide support to Student Security System (Touch and Go) and Student Security System (Walk Through) and present School Management System through a Web Based Portal we have designed an application to provide back-end support to Administration.
Benefits of Student Security System:
• Monitors Student’s Late Arrival and Early Departures.
• Monitors Student’s Absence
• Even Teacher’s Attendance can be Recorded through RFID Card
• Provides Secure Identification of Students using Photo ID Swipe Cards
• Efficient Management of Attendance
• Summary reports and data analysis on full and partial absences
• Daily reports to provide snapshots of current status of students
• Full password protection and backup capabilities
• Fully configurable
• SMS Remove Duplication and General News / Notice Broadcast)
We have put this system in various schools and Institutions across India.

Smart Irrigation System: - GSM PUMP CONTROLLER

How does Smart Irrigation System work? It is very simple mechanism. It works on GSM technology. Farmers can send message to Smart Irrigation System to turn on and off the motor. If he sends START with security code then it will start the motor and send confirmation to the same number. If there is no power supply or any other adverse condition which prevent the motor to work then it will not send confirmation to the user. It can also inform the user about device theft, faulty power supply and whenever the power goes off in middle of working motor, it will prevent the motor from single phasing, dry run, overload etc. if the said problems are existing the remote farmer will be getting message regarding problem details and automatically it will make the motor off.

What can it do?

It helps us to operate our motor from anywhere and anytime through SMS instead of going to farms to operate the motor.

It helps us to operate the motor for fixed hours preventing the wastage of electricity and water confirmation to the user.

We can have exact records of the time which motors remain on. It helps us to estimate the water supply to field.

Detect voltage fluctuations and problem in 3 phase power supply and inform the farmers.

Automatic turns off the motor in case water is not available and also gives notification through SMS.

It can be operated from any mobile and any operator to operator.

Water Management System with GPRS;-

We have developed unique system; water management system which communicates power availability and pump running status to Server. Pump running status (on/off) can be modified by SMS or Online Software running on Server.

Brief Summary to Online Software :

User Management: Admin can create/delete/modify user of accessing software options
Pump Management: User can add/manage pump devices with various reports
Power Management: User can view Power status[it is available or not
E-mail Panel: user can send daily report per devices to configured e-mail


We have developed a system, termed as Intelligent Advertisement System. In this system, various videos of products are configured to different wireless Push button through software and by pressing particular push button; video attached to push button of product is to be started. This system is used to display the products videos for proper communication to clients because clients can see interested video by pressing the push button.
The software which is used to organise Intelligent Advertisement System : 

  • Add product videos
  • Manage product videos
  • Manage product videos
  • Configure/Attach/remove Push Button to particular product video
  • Reports for which push button has attached to which product videos
  • Setting for Image display[in case no videos is running


“Smart Guard” is a security device for safety and protection. It is basically a silent wireless device which works on GSM. This system is completely independent of any existing alarm system. It can only be activated by pressing a button from a remote control or from device itself. Once the device is activated in any distress situation, instantly a SMS is flashed on four pre-configured mobile numbers and simultaneously the device connect a call to the first configured mobile number. The Device keeps on calling all four mobile numbers one by one unless the call has not been received on any one of the four mobile numbers. Once the call is received from any one pre-configured number then the recipient can listen the voice from device side without any interruption.

Salient Features of Smart Guard:

  • Easy installation and configuration.
  • 24 x 7 Security cum monitoring tool.
  • Upto 24 hours battery backup.
  • Remote facility for emergency- instant calling and messaging.
  • Receives call silently from configured numbers to listen remotely.
  • Six more type of sensors can be configured on this device like – Motion sensor, LPG leakage sensor, smoke and fire sensor etc.
  • Easy to reconfigure and manage through registered numbers.
  • Quick response time.
  • Fully customized solution (multiple shutter/door sensors can be configured).
  • In House R&D and Production.
  • Purely Make in India Product.
  • 1 year warranty on Smart Guard device.
  • Lock unlock through remote or SMS.


It has been estimated that approximately 20% of vehicle accidents have sleep deprivation as a cause. Between 1989 and 1993, it has been estimated that an average of 1,544 people were killed annually in the US as a result of sleep-deprived driving. Accidents related to sleep deprivation are most likely to happen in the early to midafternoon, and in the very early morning hours. Sleep deprivation was blamed a major cause of the Selby rail crash in which 10 people died and 82 were injured.

The reason that accidents are mostly likely to happen during the early to midafternoon may have to do with the biological time clock. Each person’s body has its own. Most people run on a daily rhythm of approximately 24 hours, but this can vary from person to person. The reason night time driving is so risky is because sleep becomes an irresistible urge especially from about midnight until 6 a.m. A sleepy period is also “programmed” for the afternoon which makes that a risky time.

We have developed a system to give early warning to the driver when he feels sleepy and blinks his/her eyes more frequently or for longer than normal period of time.

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Sanjay KumarSanjay Kumar
05:54 11 Apr 22
This company is basically known for r&d in electronic field with customized product.Employees are Very supportive and hard working.Specially Ceo of this company is very friendly.Product of this company is based on IoT, Gsm Gps, wifi, blutooth, rfid and etc.So many product of this company is running very good and their field response is very good.
professional team, good solutions
vishal raivishal rai
07:47 10 Jul 19
I have memories working over there for more than 4 years. Experienced learning and handling tricky situations there.Hope still you are doing with same passion and composer.Best Regards and Wishes.
Priya RanjanPriya Ranjan
14:37 30 Jun 19
It's is the one of best company in Delhi NCR, According to my last 12 year experience in the field of electronics and robotics in Delhi NCR. Mr. Vikram sir is a very supportive person as of my knowledge.…..
Malvinder TiwanaMalvinder Tiwana
10:14 30 Jun 19
A very versatile solution provider. Having been associated with Hbeon since inception has been a worthwhile experience.Highly recommended....