GSM Power Failure Alert System

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GSM Power Failure Alert System

The device is to send the alerts to the user in case of power failure so that user can be made aware of power failure situation. It can send the alerts on both power failure and resumption as required. It can also be integrated with siren for sound at the spot where power failure occurs to alert the guard or supervisor at site. As soon as the power fails it blow the siren at high amplitude (110dB)(Siren is optional) and then instantly sends SMS and start calls to the four pre-configured mobile numbers respectively. The Device will keep on calling on all the four numbers stored one by one till any one number picks the phone to acknowledge that he has got the message for power failure. The registered users can check the current status of the power by sending the SMS to the device.


1. GSM Power Failure Alert System (3 Phase, 4 wire system/Single Phase)
2. GSM Power Failure Alert System Single Phase plug and play

Salient Features of Power Failure Alert System:

– Easy installation and configuration.
– 24 x 7 monitoring of power failure situation
– Easy to reconfigure and manage through registered numbers.
– Quick response time.
– Fully customised solution
– In House R&D and Production.
– Purely Make in India Product.
– 1 year warranty on device for any manufacturing defect.
– Inbuilt Lithium Ion Rechargeable battery backup up to 24 Hours.