Our Services

We have collected our domain experience and consolidated our available expertise into a set of well refined, high quality and result-oriented services. We recognize the ever changing nature of business & technology, and scale our offerings according to the needs of our clients. Our services range from doing Research and assisting clients in realizing their visions through our expertise, to developing technologies that are either the focal point of our clients business, or are act as supporting infrastructure for their long term growth.

Our Service Features

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Research & Development

Cutting edge technology developed through years of research and on-the-ground solutions for large conglomerates. HBeonLabs is a trusted name in embedded technologies and IoT solutions. We aim to support growing organizations with our expertise and top-notch solutions and add value to their innovations with our backing.

Embedded Technology Solutions

With expertise in Embedded Systems and Technologies, our team helps in automating processes through use of embedded solutions. Introducing automation elements for mechanical systems as controllers or data analyzers is a direct application. From Consumer Electronics to Medical devices and Transportation, our solutions help businesses achieve their innovation strategies.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of things (IoT) – inter-networking of physical devices, connected smart devices, buildings among other items which are embedded with sensors, actuators, software and network connectivity enabling them in collecting and exchanging data. We’re heading into an age which is defined by continuous improvement in the way we connect with these objects and devices around us. HBeonLabs is at the forefront of innovation of these solutions for global clients.

Industry 4.0

The rise of new digital industrial technology, known as Industry 4.0, is a transformation that makes it possible to gather and analyze data across machines, enabling faster, more flexible, and more efficient processes to produce higher-quality goods at reduced costs. This manufacturing revolution will increase productivity, shift economics, foster industrial growth, and modify the profile of the workforce—ultimately changing the competitiveness of companies and regions.

Cloud based Web and Mobile apps

While being experts in the field of embedded technology solutions, we bring to the table a wide range on ancillary services which complement the core function of products and services. Cloud based solutions which are applicable across domains and geographies, HBeonLabs believes in innovating from the front in terms of ease of use and user interaction through the solutions offered.Our dedicated web apps developers have successfully completed over 100+ projects for a variety of industries and business domains, including e-Commerce, e-Learning, Analytics, Finance, Entertainment and more.Keeping in view the connected world, we design solutions for the new age keeping in mind the rapid pace of technology upgradation. .