IoT Applications in Government

City Management and Planning

The internet of things has the power to transform the world potentially
by changing the way the government runs the country. IoT can transform the way the government collects data by inducing technologies such as mobility, automation and data analytics. IoT is the networking of devices such as embedded sensors, actuators and various other devices that have the capability to collect and transmit data over a network. Government bodies analyse this data. Let us see Applications of IoT in Government Sector. The various applications of IoT in Governmental sector are as follows:-

City Management and Planning

Controlling a large city and tracking its waste management can be tedious and time consuming.
• IoT sensors can be placed all over the city that monitor the locality and transmit details and information about the waste collection in
the particular locality.
• Similar sensors and applications can help the government collect data on population, water system, food supply, social services,
transportation routes, zoning, mapping and so on.
• IoT sensors gather and transmit details about the citizens in the city.
• They can also deliver real time information of the public property.
• Government officials can collect real time data and Information in less time and implement changes quickly

Job opportunities

It is easy to understand that with the rise in Iot more job opportunities will be available in the IT sector. IoT also creates job opportunities in other sectors such as manufacturing, production, transport and supply. Government bodies, with the help of Iot can predict the future of a particular sector and create better job opportunities for the youth of tomorrow.

National borders defense

Installing and implementing IoT at national borders help minimize crimes such as trafficking, illegal imigration, terrorism and so on. IoT sensors and camera surveillance scan the border and deliver real time information. Drones with cameras help the government to remotely monitor the borderline.
IoT devices such as sensors, cameras, data processing tools, transmission modes are used heavily to secure the borders in countries such as France, North Africa and Spain. Overall, Iot helps improve border security and curbs national crimes

Smart City

The Internet of things is capable of managing, tracking and controlling an entire city. This alone explains the power IoT holds and how much it impacts human lives. Smart cities have technology such as connected public transport, traffic monitoring and control, water level and flood monitoring, weather monitoring, 24/7 video surveillance, connected street lights and so much more

Faster responses during emergencies

By placing environmental sensors across various locations in the city, the government can react quickly in case of an emergency such as fire, floods or high speed winds. Sensors store information about the constant physical changes in the environment. This information is sent to servers run by the government with the help of gateways through a wide range network. In case a criminal is on the run, cops can get to the criminal more easily by tracking the car through IoT applications.

Water Management System

IoT helps identify risks in water plants and in the water management system. Iot uses sensors and actuators that deliver real time analysis of the water bodies in a locality, city or town. This helps government bodies plan water supply more efficiently and easily. They can detect problems in the system, then repair and renew them more quickly to reduce further damage. IoT helps avoid sewage overflow risks by monitoring water bodies and their supply chain and alert officials quickly in case of a disturbance in the path of flow of water. IoT helps in saving energy, managing water bodies and optimizing wastewater treatment plants.

Government E-services

• IoT helps citizens of a country manage their government offered services and plans.
• Governments have introduced online applications to offer identification cards, citizenship documents, property and registration
papers and so on.
• IoT is helping both citizens and the government by saving their time and money in most cases.
• IoT based services such as e-district, PDS portal of India and My Gov are some of the best examples.


• The health of the citizens of a country is a major responsibility of the government
• Programs such as virtual healthcare, smart hospitals are helping connect thousands of patients to doctors remotely.
• Doctors have access to real time updates of their patients and IoT applications send alerts in case the health of a patient intensifies.
• IoT sensors track the critical status of patients’ health and send continuous reports to the doctors who then advise on further


A good education system is the symbol of good governance. By introducing the IoT into education systems, the government is bridging the gap between students and learning.
IoT based applications such as virtual learning, smart boards, smart classrooms are helping connect students who cannot travel long distances to school. Teachers are able to track the performance of a student, manage attendance, correct answer sheets and so much more via IoT systems.


IoT plays a vital role in order to ensure good governance. People cannot be alert all the time, which is why IoT comes into the picture. It offers real time data and performs analytics on the data. The processed data is stored in clouds for future retrieval.

IoT Projects Implemented in Government Sector

IoT based Solar Pump RMS(4G/2G) as per MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) Guideline and All Features covered as per EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited) IoT Applications in Government
IoT Projects Implemented in Government Sector
Solar Pump RMS is a remote monitoring solution which allows users and Government to monitor all data regarding Solar power generation, consumption, pump run time, pump water supply (LPM) and if any fault occur, instantly can give alert through SMS/Call and give data on the cloud of any analysis. This gateway can enhance your pump-drive to
monitor remotely. Interactive Web-Portal represents historical and aggregated data, comparative analytical diagnosis and a guided root-cause for fault analysis. All data are logged and can be securely reviewed and analysed at any time from any location of the pump. User can also ON/Off, configure scheduling for ON/Off if any limited water
requirement for any location, so the water wastage can also stop

IoT based Solar Pump RMS(4G/2G) as per MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) Guideline and All Features covered as per EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited

IoT Based 4G GSM Transformer, Temperature and Oil Level Monitoring System with web and android applications. How it works:
1. 4G GSM module, LTE category 4 module optimized for M2M and IoT applications, Worldwide LTE, UMTS/HSPA+ and GSM/GPRS/EDGE coverage, Temperature sensor with display for displaying current Temperature and Transformer Oil level.
2. User can register up to 4 mobile number at controller to get SMS/call for any alert.
3. User can configure Temperature low & high value and and Transformer Oil level low & high value through SMS/Web/Andriod App, so when any of the value increased or decreased instantly controller starts executing its function which causes instantly call and SMS goes to the four pre-configured mobile numbers respectively. The Device will keep on calling on all the four numbers stored one by one till any one number picks the phone to acknowledge that he has got the message for emergency situation.
4. Controller will push current value of Temperature and transformer Oil Level Status at cloud every 10 minutes interval to check the report at CMS application.

IoT based real time Smart Water Tank Level Monitoring And Handling
Systems with 4G GSM Based Automatic Controller
How it works:
1. The 4G based controller connected with pump controller and get the level of the water tank from water level sensors, if the water tank is empty automatically motor pump will start till the water tank is not full, once the water tank is full the motor pump will stop.
2. Controller will push current pump on/off status and water level ( Full, Half, Empty) of the water Tank at cloud every 2 minutes interval to check the report at CMS application with Controller Number and Time and Date of log. User can re configure interval timing to push the data on cloud.
3. User Can also ON/Off flow of any Motor Pump from the MIS Application( Web or Android) , if Off from MIS , Motor will not start until user will On form MIS application.
4. Static IP based web application to configure device with Controller ID, Motor Pump ID, Motor Pump etc. (Add/Edit/Delete).
5. Custom Report for Pump On Duration, Tank water level, as daily, weekly and monthly basis summary of total flow with graphical representation.
6. Can also calculate water flow , current consumed, dry motor run status , as daily, weekly and monthly basis summary of total flow with graphical representation,.
7. User can register up to 4 mobile number at MIS to get SMS of water tank level and On/Off Status.

IoT based real time Smart Water Tank Level Monitoring And Handling Systems with 4G GSM Based Automatic Controller
• The controller automatically start the pump, before reaching the low water level of the tank.
• The Controller can automatically turn off your pump, before overflow your water tank.
• The Controller never starts the pump when the reservoir is empty.
• There has no probability of dry run that burn the pump when the reservoir is empty.
• Real Time monitoring at Web/Android application, can make schedular for On/Off.
• Total Run Time, water flow, water consumption for any location can easily get.
• This auto-switching feature saves manpower and valuable time.
• Can easily find the problem if any to see the controller indicators. Those area) Reservoir sensor fault
b) Overhead tank sensor fault
c) Reservoir empty
d) Pump on
e) Power On/Off.