Security and Safety Alarm

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Security and Saftey Alarm

GSM SMART GUARD (24X7) – The Smart Guard is a Security Device for Home-Door/Shop-Rolling Shutter and for any emergency situation.

How Smart Guard work for secure Home and Shops

When any intruder tries to tamper (open) the Home-door/Shop-Shutter for just an inch then immediately our Smart Guard Security Device starts executing its function which causes instant hooter play at the spot at high amplitude (120dB) and then instantly call and SMS goes to the four pre configured mobile numbers respectively. The Device will keep on calling on all the four numbers stored one by one till any one number picks the phone to acknowledge that he has got the message for emergency situation. He may call the police or reach the spot. Door/ Shutter Sensor can be locked and unlock from remote button or by an SMS.

The Smart Guard is also a very useful device for asking for help, while any unexpected incident is happening or someone is in emergency situation also called a Panic Button.

How Smart Guard work in any emergency

“Smart Guard” is a security device for safety and protection. It is basically a silent wireless device which works on GSM. This system is completely independent of any existing alarm system. It can only be activated by pressing a button from a remote control or from device itself. Once the device is activated in any distress situation, instantly a SMS is flashed on four pre configured mobile numbers and simultaneously the device connect a call to the first configured mobile number. The Device keeps on calling all four mobile numbers one by one unless the call has not been received on any one of the four mobile numbers. Once the call is received from any one pre configured number then the recipient can listen the voice from device side without any interruption.

Where Smart Guard can be used:

Smart Guard can be used at our Individual Homes/Shop, Residential Societies, Departmental Stores, Jewellery shops, Petrol Pumps, Banks and Offices.Just anywhere we need safety.
We can also make control room for Chain of Departmental Stores, Banks or Residential Societies, where the Alarm/Hooter keeps ringing with LED indication on the Screen. This will work with cloud server.

Salient Features of Smart Guard:

– Easy installation and configuration.
– 24 x 7 Security cum monitoring tool.
– Remote facility for emergency- instant calling and messaging.
– Receives call silently from configured numbers to listen remotely.
– Six more sensors can be configured on this device like – Motion sensor, LPG leakage sensor, smoke and fire sensor, Beam sensor, Glass Break Sensor etc.
– Can be configured on cloud.
– Easy to reconfigure and manage through registered numbers.
– Quick response time.
– Fully customised solution (multiple shutter/door sensors can be configured).
– In House R&D and Production.
– Purely Make in India Product.
– 1 year warranty on Smart Guard device.
– Lock unlock through remote or SMS.
– Inbuilt battery backup up to 36 Hours.
– Can integrate extra industrial hooter.