Smart Street Light Controller

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Smart Street Light Controller

Through Wireless Smart Light Controller Solution, lights will be connected lights which can be individually controlled (switch On/Off and dim if they are dimmable) and monitored (current measurement). A central server system will be able to control them and monitor them. This system will help you to detect faults and with the feature of current measurement, it can be seen which lights are working and which are not. The solution is best or easy maintenance of lights.

Basic features of Tinymesh based Smart Street Light Controller:

– Easy to install due to wireless connectivity.
– Lights can be control as ON/OFF from any central office via computer and mobile.
– Easy data monitoring and data analysis.
– Advanced dimming solution, so it can save more energy.
– Some parameters like current & voltage limitation can be analyzed on existing system.
– Easy to handle from Mobile App or Web Application.


– Proper illumination gives better uniformity on the roads/indoor, leading to increased safety level.
– Reduces the wastage of electricity
. – Ease of installation due to wireless system.
– Data compilation, analysis and reporting is easy.

Technical Specifications:

– Input Voltage : 85
– 265 V AC
– Input Voltage Surge Protection : 4KV for 8 uS (micro Second)
– Output Voltage : Its same as Input Voltage( 85-265 V AC ). Its through Relay Output.
– Relay life, max Ampere, no. of operations.
– Mechanical Life 100000 operations,
– Current Rating 5 A
– Electrical Life 70000 operations
– PWM circuit output voltage, life: 0-10V
– CT specs : 2500 T
– IP65 certificate and life. IP65 certified Enclosure
– Input voltage measurement range: 85 V to 265 V AC. (Optional)