Smart UV Sensitization Box


Smart UV Sensitization Box

The selective wavelength of UV light kills and inactivate microorganisms by damaging their nucleic acids and DNA/RNA. UVC able to sterilise microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens from water and air.



Salient Features:

Plug & Play type
UV Sanitizing
Easy to maintain
Easy to Relocate
Designed by considering Human safety
Long Life & cost effective
Free from contagious diseases spread

Key Features:

Everyday items like food cell phone salons beauty parlors, industries, offices, medical and research labs, hospitals, etc. by destroying the bacteria’s ability to multiply and spread disease.
Ideal for small-scale use, limiting the import of pathogens through everyday items like cell phones, food, eyeglasses
Dual body UV­C Sterilizing Chamber
Light sterilization to kill viruses and other pathogens.

Brand: Smart Guard 24X7
Model: SG-UV-Chamber
Chamber Volume: 35 ltrs
Color: White
Size: 38.5 cm (W) x 36.8 cm (H) x 30.4 cm (D)
weight: 5 KG
Plug: 3/2 pin
Voltage: 240 V


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